Maverick Music Magazine Review

Gifted Gifford “ever evolving on a daily basis”

Acoustic singer-songwriter Steve Gifford is busy. With a new album due out in this year and nearing the end of his Boy on a Beach album tour, he answers my questions whilst on the road with the help of a hands-free kit.

In fact, Steve has been getting increasingly busier in the music business ever since he picked up and began experimenting with a new Martin acoustic guitar nearly eight years ago. Twiddling his new guitar’s strings blossomed into a spurt of 10 new songs and in 2003 his first album, CUT AND RUN, was released.

Steve also puts his emergence onto the music scene down to Tai Chi. “Tai Chi” opens up the mind. Sometimes the mind is too cluttered and there is no breathing space. Tai Chi frees up space in my mind for songs to percolate.”

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