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December 01, 2019


The Gods will Decide

"The Gods will Decide" - NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!!

The making of 'The Gods Will Decide'

In October 15, I tuned my guitar to a couple of open tunings E and G and noodled for a while until I had the instrumentals of what became five new tracks on the album. These included 'If I had you', 'Journeyman' and 'Cold black day' which are in open E and 'Together again' and 'The Gods will decide' which are in open G.

Later the following year I went to Fort William in the Highlands. The journey there was exhausting, travelling by train and car lumping my recording equipment, guitar and mics. Not much fun! We recorded the cellos at Hilary's house. Sacha flew over from Seville and then made a lovely contribution to 'Angles of the North' which she fondly referred to as the song in F sharp minor. Together they performed on several tracks.

In 2014/15, Dave MacThomais and I talked for the first time when I called to thank him for buying my albums online. He had coincidentally moved to Crieff in the Highlands and was keen to help promote a few gigs in Scotland. This tied in nicely with my visit to Fort William. Late in 2016, Hilary, Sacha and I played some gigs as a trio featuring some songs from 'The Gods' album. Dave had sold tickets for a gig at his local village hall in Fowlis Wester and put me up at his cottage. We then travelled to perform at a pub in Mallaig and also a community centre in Arisaig. I recall this involved long spells of driving in the hire car.

On my return to Milton Keynes I asked Steve McDaniels, a local revered musician, to play keyboard on some tracks. He introduced me to the piped melodica which features strongly on 'Together again' Steve also plays Hammond on 'Big guns and trains' and Lesley sounds were applied to other songs. He added piano to 'Now that I've found you'.

The songs were recorded and initially mixed by Stuat Moore in his studio 'Pokey Sticks' in Milton Keynes. The tracks were subsequently remixed by Paul Traynar in Banbury who went on to master the complete album.

This release comes as a 4 panel wallet which was manufactured by Disc Wizards Duplication.

BUY THE CD: £6.00 (inc. delivery)

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