Ungodly Hour
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February 01, 2010


Ungodly Hour

Ungodly Hour is a benchmark album for all recording artists. Steve's fourth album stands head and shoulders above many contemporary albums simply because his songs capture influences spanning the decades. Filtering through with overtones of The Beatles, James Taylor, Tom Petty and The Eagles, his album has a fresh and original sound. Adventurous tracks like "Seven Seas" are driven by Trombone, French Horn and Trumpet from Sebastian Skelly, a London-based emerging talent. The distinctly mesmerizing acoustic reggae track "Call Of Duty" reaches new heights in its closing stages, with the powerhouse vocals of the "Nexus Gospel Choir", formed specifically for this song! The tempo changes from track to track taking the listener on an exciting journey. From the relaxed acoustic ballad of piano and guitar on "Blue" to a Punk driven retro 70's flavoured rock song "In My Car". The story of Banksy is depicted in "Not In My Name" with lyrics echoing the slogans and murals painted by the legendary grafitti artist. This timeless work crosses all genres of modern day "singer song writer" albums with something for everyone on "Ungodly Hour."

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