Beaudesert launched in a basement at Ollie Vees.

Ollie Vees Pic

One week before the album party, Billie the owner of Ollie Vees cleared out and painted the basement of their retro shop in Leighton Buzzard in preperation for the launch party of the 5th studio album in 12 years.A few days before the gig a licensed bar had been granted, which bought the album, a glass of wine and a ticket for the basement gig.

Before the beer break Steve covered 10 of the album tracks and then followed up with some self styled covers of songs by influences Tom Petty, Dire Straits and Beatles.After some serious audience participation, the evening over ran finishing at 11.20pm.

The previous week the Sunday Telegraph highlighted the album as a “must have” from their top 10 folk selection

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