Tavistock Live Sessions

The Tavistock sessions are a series of one day recording sessions of the “Steve Gifford Band”  during 2013, engineered by Paul Traynar (Ians friend), IT specialist and general techno sound wizard.A “makeshift” studio was constructed at Tavistock House Bletchley, Steves’ office, which meant moving furniture around micing up drums etc.and even upending a long red sofa to provide a deadened sound for the main vocals.A total of eight original songs were recorded lead by Steve with Derek Edmond on drums,Ian Catchpole on bass and Hilary Fielding on cello. The recordings and subsequent editing are considered to be of  excellent quality thanks to Pauls’ expertise.Hopefully one day soon these tracks will be released as a vinyl album.

CLICK HERE to listen to Tavistock Live Sessions!


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